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We are excited to welcome Jan Larsen-Fendt, RN, BS  as a contributor to Dementia Resource Group, LLC.  Jan is a nurse with over 20 years experience working with the elderly in a variety of settings: rehab, long-term care and hospice. This letter to a doctor is based...

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Coping with Daily Grief

Recently we were approached by Methodist Hospital to be interviewed by a local TV station about our experience with Alzheimers and our response to being in a clinical study at Methodist for a new drug to help improve brain function.  It was during the interview that I...

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Charitable participation enhances fulfillment

Volunteering provides a sense of well-being that offers huge health benefits. This sense of purpose can help sustain a healthier lifestyle that includes increased physical, mental and social activities. Local animal shelters are always seeking assistance collecting...

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Travel is difficult enough for most of us

Travel is difficult enough for most of us, so imagine the stress it can place on a person with dementia. Here are a few tips our families have used with success. Travel as early in the day as possible – minimizing potential delays If you are flying, try to take a...

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