Family Stress and Dynamics

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Experiences are shared to assist in navigating family stress through tips, articles and blogs.

Getting everyone on the same page

Family dynamics can be most challenging when faced with a loved one's sudden illness.  It's important that everyone understands the diagnosis. Coming together to develop a plan and cooperate in care is crucial and cannot be achieved until everyone agrees on what is...

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Putting the Happy back in the Holiday

Holidays are stressful!  Be kind to yourself and your loved one. If your traditions have been taxing in the past, lighten them up. Dinner doesn’t need to be twelve courses to be enjoyable. Focusing on a pleasant gathering for everyone involved may mean a shorter time...

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Talking with Your Family

One of the emotionally hard things to deal with when you have a loved one with dementia is the sense of losing touch with friends and sometimes family because they are uncomfortable or just don't know how to respond to someone that is no longer "the same person" that...

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