Where do you begin?

You are worried about your loved one and their current situation.

Which of these are you experiencing?

Are you facing a significant increase in monthly costs?

Cost of care for someone with dementia can be significant and ongoing.
There are many things you can do to reduce the increase:

Speak with the physician regarding cost of medications.
Negotiate the increase in cost with the facility.
Adding one on one scheduled care from a third party may be financially beneficial to reduce the cost of care at the facility or relocation to a more affordable facility.

Contact us for assistance and options in obtaining affordable care.

Do you have concerns about the home environment?

If your loved one resides at home alone a support structure can aid in maintaining independence and safety.

A support plan can be developed with family and friends to include an environmental safety check.
Homecare assistance can reduce the risks of preparing meals, isolation and transportation.
Assistive technology can aid in mobility concerns.
Make a list of things people can do to help.

Contact us for any additional assistance.

Did your loved one leave home and could not remember their way back ?

If health and safety is the priority concern and your loved one has recently had difficulty navigating their surroundings, a closer look at the home environment should be made.

Identify if there is a need for more structured full-time support. Areas of consideration should include:

Medication management
Social vulnerability

The home environment provides great benefits to maximize independence and autonomy when appropriate safety measures are in place.

It is important not to over- or underestimate what your loved one can do.

Contact us for assistance in identifying your loved ones needs.

Was there a recent diagnosis of dementia?

With support and resources, many people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s live independently.

If you are a family member or caregiver for someone who lives on his or her own, stay involved, call or visit every day and make sure the person gets the assistance needed.

Areas where you can help:

Bill paying and other daily chores

Put home safety measures in place and be aware of any changes that would indicate the need for additional supervision or care.

Contact us for assistance in the next steps to explore community-based care options such as day programs, homecare, technology, and supportive senior housing all based on the individuals needs and remaining as independent as possible.

We understand. This is a difficult time, but we can help make it easier.

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